Readymade samples

As a supporter of local artworks, Aaron Framed It! Offers a discount to all artists who are framing their own original artwork. We have over 800 readymade frames in stock in a variety of sizes and we are happy to provide templates to our artists to ensure your artwork will be the correct size to fit our frames. Only acid free materials are ever used including the incredibly priced readymade frames. We also sell framing accessories including hinging and sealing tapes as well as sheets of matboard among other products. Our unbeatable Readymade frames are available in store in 6 different sizes as follows:

                          Glass size     Matt opening size     Priced from

Miniature:        220 x 180mm     120mm x 80mm        $29.90

Eighth:            295 x 380mm      155mm x 240mm       $44.90

Quarter:           390 x 490mm     240mm x 340mm       $54.90

Half:                500 x 650mm      340mm x 490mm       $79.90

Full:                 700 x 900mm     520mm  x 720mm      $114.90


                        Glass size     Matt opening size     Priced from

Miniature:        200 x 200mm     100mm x 100mm       $24.90

Eighth:            320 x 320mm      200mm x 200mm       $44.90

Quarter:          450 x 450mm      320mm x 320mm       $64.90

Half:                610 x 610mm      450mm x 450mm      $89.90

Full:                 800 x 800mm     610mm  x 610mm      $124.90

With over 1500 readymade frames in stock at all times, you’re sure to find a frame to suit. Our acid free framing is hand made right here in Lambton and is of exceptional quality at an unbeatable price. Once again, thank you for choosing Aaron Framed It!

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