Working primarily with Artists, Aaron is aware of the need to provide artist quality frames to serve for the longevity of artwork. As  such, only acid free materials are ever used with conservation framing available.

Since 2003, Aaron has been recognised many times within the picture framing industry, winning  multiple national awards at the picture framing tradeshow. These awards are based on quality, style and craftsmanship and judged by leaders within the profession.

With the latest in picture framing machinery, Aaron and his team are easily able to carry out production orders with speed and absolute accuracy.

Aaron can frame just about anything from Artworks, mirrors, tapestries, works on paper, canvases, 3-D objects, footy jerseys, jigsaws and war medals to the more personal keepsakes such as spoons, bridal bouquets, christening gowns, certificates, and first ballet slippers.

“With the range of items able to be framed, My mother in law once joked ‘I’m too scared to stand still in case Aaron ends up framing me!’”

This website aims to provide valuable information on upcoming events, both within our shop and within the greater art community. We will be posting information on upcoming art shows and exhibitions on our blog and we welcome your input and comments. Please contact us if you are an event co-ordinator and wish to display your event.

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